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 RELEASE: Akatsuki no Ageha

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Akatsuki no Ageha   Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:23 pm

...and that's the end of "Night One: The Sleeping Boy in the Woods" case. Which means we're nearly halfway through the first volume!!

But to be honest, I'm more on the angry side today. When I read a couple of my emails last night, some people were asking me to hurry and update this or that series. Well it's not my problem okay? I know I've picked up a lot of projects (too much for a group our size actually) but for goodness' sakes, this ISN'T PAID WORK. I have my own life too.

Maybe I should make another one of my own manga reading sites, but those ones with flash/java like those online manga magazines - Like Blade/Avarus Online and like Flex Comix Blood/Flare/Next. Oh well, who cares.

Akatsuki no Ageha Vol01 Ch03 -

I've got a lot of other stuff to translate today actually -- another late night. So looking forward to it. >_< Hang on a's not that nice to complain in a post like this...

Hey? Well I think Japanese translators would be nice. Unfortunately for most Chinese translators, I don't believe in translating from Chinese raws if the original language is Japanese. It just doesn't do. So Chinese translators will do manhua and Japanese, manga. That makes sense right?

I think cleaners would be nice too, actually. ^^ What am I hoping for though? I do most of the stuff by myself these days. I wonder if scanlating in a real group is a lot funner...

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RELEASE: Akatsuki no Ageha

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