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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang (novel) Vol03 Ch55-75 (end)
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 xah's Random Splutters

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PostSubject: xah's Random Splutters   Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:08 pm

School started yesterday. *Roll eyes, roll eyes*

This year is technically my first year in highschool but the thing is......somehow my country does things...a little bit differently.

So yeah, I'm kinda busy.

I wanted to talk about the upcoming releases.

Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang novel Ch07 (yes this one, because quite a lot of people are interested with this one). I have already finished translating, just waiting to scan it in, let Ella type it and maybe proofread it this time?

Spoiler: (Don't read if you hate spoilers)
[spoiler]Chu Beijie is has seemingly perverted thoughts in this chapter, but don't worry, nothing really special happens... let's just say Pingting fights him off?

Ch08...I think, I think Chu Beijie lets her call him "Beijie" in this chapter.

Romantic stuff. Made me cringe a bit when translating. *xah thinks the romance authors feel no shame at all, shakes head*

I'm also planning to continue the Afternoon Lavendar novel too. (No spelling mistakes there *glare*)

Other series I feel like releasing sooner or later.

Next chapter of Root WPB (Chapter nine? I can't remember)

Re-agree Ch04...I kind of have a problem with this manhua now, but I'll tell you once we hit chapter 6.............

Sayabito Vol01 Ch03...sounds like an interesting project. Been working on this one for a while...

Black Trick Ch07 - have to do it sooner or later I bet.

But most importantly, I want to translate this oneshot (manhua) called "Because of You". It's by TID (let's just say a manhua artist) and though it's kinda sad, it's rather cute.

At least the dog/puppy is really cute. xD

41 pages, read from left to right. (Well, you can't expect much from manhua, but I swear it's one of the cuter ones...(?))

The rest of this post is just about my school life.

First orchestra practice of this year tomorrow!! Y'know what? I'm really excited!! Orchestra was seriously fun last year!! This year, I'm sure, will be too!

But I'm also not looking forward to tomorrow, because today, my year group nominated me for the swimming house relay (I dunno if they do this at your school, but at our school we are separated into groups called 'houses')... first off, I hate swimming. Second of all, I might be able to swim a little faster than a complete amateur but I'm only a slightly-above-average swimmer. Fine, I did do nationals and that sort of stuff...four or five years ago.

Everyone in my year, in my house, literally points at me, stares and says 'she's really good' or something like that...and then the house leader comes and says 'apparently you're really good' and......................

I don't really have a choice do I? It's hard to reject someone with a lot of eyes staring at you....and swimming in a house relay certainly isn't a bad thing..................................... but I just hate sport ever since I quit swimming due to family problems. Sigh, sigh.

My school has expanded to 1060...sigh. Most of them are year sevens.

Okay, they may be cute but they sure are bossily naive.

I'm kinda jealous of the year nines, because they were the year who got chosen to buy a discounted, but very modern laptop and freely take it to school for 'educational purposes'... however, I still think they're going to play games on it during class or something. Most of them just aren't model students okay?

This year looks rather bleak now. Looks like I'm not with my best friend for French this year.

*Suddenly xah feels very depressed*

See ya! (totally contradictory)

P.S: Getting used to firefox!!
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xah's Random Splutters

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