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PostSubject: RELEASE: ULTRAMAN Chapter 11   Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:46 pm

Awesome! I'm a Admin now! All of the thanks goes to Xah! :D

Ah~Spring Break eve, the day before the special week in every college
student's life that only comes once a year. Skreeonking yes! (Small trivia
fact: Skreeonk means f**k in Godzilla fan language, it was a term created
by the icon's community years ago)

Hello once again my Ultra-readers! As you may recall from my last
post during the team's previous release, that I said that Ultraman
would be released sometime next week. Well I'm a scanlator of my word!
I gladly present you the release of ULTRAMAN Chapter 11!

Remember that light heart atmosphere of chapter 10?
Shinjiro was shaping into a real hero, even more so his life was
getting much better again. Hell there was even some hinting of
possible romance ;) So what can I say about chapter 11?


This chapter is pretty Gruesome and bloody. That sunshine has
now disappeared, and things are only going to get darker.
But that's all I'll hint at for this chapter, don't want to spoil any of
the fun lol

And for those who have asked me and worried, I might still push out
another Ultraman chapter over Spring Break. It just depends if our
buddy HankOffice is up for translating. :D Well that's all for now,
enjoy the chapter! Until we meet again, stay gold!

Chapter 11 Release:
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