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 Ultraman Update

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Ultraman Update Empty
PostSubject: Ultraman Update   Ultraman Update EmptySun Mar 10, 2013 7:33 pm

We're coming up pretty fast with Japan's output in chapters. Which is of course, impressive and awesome! Buuut...

While all that's all fine and dandy, we sadly won't be able to go forward with
Ultraman. Don't confuse this with the thinking that we're dropping the series!
We aren't dropping Ultraman, we're still carrying it! :D

But! Ultraman chapter 14 has yet to be put up online anywhere. No one has it, and no one has any raws for it at all. And the site that did have HERO'S Monthly Feb issue, the same issue that has chapter 14, sadly did not have the chapter at all! But they have chapter 15, and we already have that cleaned up.

So what does this mean?

Well it means that after chapter 12 and 13, then we won't be able to push out anymore Ultraman chapters. At least not until chapter 14 finally comes out online and we're able to get it into our hands.

When that happens then we'll be able to move forward in pushing out more chapters. After all it wouldn't make sense to just skip one chapter and keep moving. Plus chapter 14 is a HUGE important chapter, and is the ending of Volume 2.

So once more, let's review:

1. Ultraman chapter 14 is no where to be found online. No one has it, and there are no raws of it.

2. After releasing chapter 12 and 13, we aren't going to release anymore Ultraman chapters until chapter 14 shows up. Its too important to just skip over.

That's pretty much it for now, just wanted to clear the air so that there's
no confusion when the time comes along. :)
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Ultraman Update

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