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 A couple of updates & news (from xah)

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PostSubject: A couple of updates & news (from xah)   Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:49 pm

Ok, so most of you have realised that I haven't been on for the last ten(?) days.

There's a lot of stuff I have to sort out, and I will do so now.

But before that, let's get on with the updates:

- We're changing our email address! I really like hotmail/live's new layout and skydrive is really handy. So contact CKM admin's (mainly me) here: I'm still in the process of transferring this and that from gmail, but that's it for now.

- I will also be using another email account from now on (no longer, so for now contact me at

- My laptop needs to get serviced - overheating problem. Unfortunately I probably won't be getting it fixed soon. I'll be using another laptop that doesn't have photoshop.

- Having said that, I guess I can only translate novels. I know this laptop can't recognise Japanese/Chinese/Asian languages (yes, I know it sucks and I can't get this laptop to work properly), but I can manipulate things around with skydrive's microsoft apps. Yeah, so that means Gu Fang MAY come out earlier than expected.

- Novel-wise, I've currently got Right x Light ch02 almost fully translated and about half of Inu to Hasami. Gu Fang is also in the works, but I won't say how much.

- There's about 30 emails waiting for me.......

Nothing else~! I hope you guys had a good time with me being away and all!

That's it for now,
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A couple of updates & news (from xah)

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