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 RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?   Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:34 pm

Idea It's xah here!!

(Okay, that's a bit silly xD)

I just had the greatest inspiration to write this post.

It was a (Chinese) game I played two or three months ago. Right after playing it, I wrote a post in the off topic forums, but my laptop (yes I love using laptops) went a bit funny and somehow I ended up going to another page and I was like, "nah, I'm not typing all that up again. Furious Furious "

I don't even have the url any more (it was in the original post, but I closed the browser and couldn't find the site in my history.

Okay, before I begin, let's state some of the key ideas...

  • It was a confession game, basically you write your name in a box, and "your crush" will respond to you~

  • Your crush's response to your confession differs all the time. E.g just an "A" will get you something different to an "a", "Aa" or "aab" etc. I thought it might be random, but if you type something exactly the same (numbers, letters and/or weird signs), the response you get is the same. I couldn't figure out how they did it, oh well. T^T

  • Finally, the game was male-orientated, meaning that "your crush" was a girl. However, a lot of these responses work for both genders. Oh well, you'll see!

  • There was only one happy answer, but I really can't remember what that one was like. Something that ends like "we'll always be together."

Now time for the rejections (these are from memory so they may be incomplete or inaccurate). Here we go... geek 

  • Are you even human? You seem pretty alien to me. - destruction rate 10/10 (this is what "xah" gave me T^T)

  • We'll always be good friends~ - destruction rate 3/10

  • Our horoscopes don't match - destruction rate 5/10

  • Our blood types don't match - destruction rate 5/10

  • You deserve someone better than me - destruction rate 6/10

  • My parents want me to get into a good uni - destruction rate 8/10

  • Tell me what you like about me and I'll go change those things immediately - destruction rate 10/10 (I like this one xD)

  • Sorry, but I'm lesbian - destruction rate 7/10

  • You don't have a car nor house nor money. Who would want you? - destruction rate 10/10

  • I'd much rather work on my studies, thank you very much - destruction rate 8/10

  • Wait...if you don't mind me asking, who are you? - destruction 9/10

  • I'm sorry, but it isn't our destiny to be together - destruction rate 6/10

  • Sorry, I like someone else already... - destruction rate 7/10

  • You were only my plaything to kill time - destruction rate 10/10

  • We're too young - destruction rate 5/10

  • I only thought of you as a big brother, nothing else - destruction rate 8/10

  • You just aren't my type - destruction rate 8/10

  • We have nothing in common, so why do you bother liking me? - destruction 10/10

  • Our age gap is too big - destruction rate 6/10

  • I don't have any time to focus on relationships at the moment - destruction rate 6/10

  • Ew, go away, you some pervert? - destruction rate 9/10

  • Dating? What's that? Is it edible? - destruction rate 7/10 (haha love this one too xD)

  • Haha~ There you go joking around again... - destruction rate 6/10

  • If you really want me to like you, wait until the next next next next lifetime! - destruction rate 10/10 (this one's awesome too! xD)

  • Want me to get married to you huh? That's fine, as long as you let me divorce you soon after. - destruction rate 10/10

  • Who's going to look after you when you get old? I'm not, that's for sure! - destruction rate 9/10

...yeah, what do you think? Plan on rejecting someone the nastiest/kindest way possible now? Some of it is pretty generic (boring = lame excuse). scratch 

I did say that some of the destruction meter might be a bit off (or you just plain disagree with them), but I dearly hope you don't use some of the 10/10 rated ones. Perfect for a laugh (you can re-word it into something more funny if you want), just don't use them to break someone's heart.

Hope you enjoyed "RUBBISH 02"!
xah (Laughing)

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PostSubject: Re: RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?   Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:05 am

Very Happy 

My favorite:
Dating? What's that? Is it edible?
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PostSubject: Re: RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?   Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:22 pm

More excuses off the internet. (Just cause I feel like it haha)...I'll skip over the ones I've already done/don't like.

- You're a good person, but I'll find someone better.

- I'm not worth your love, you should go find someone better.

- I like you, but not in the romantic way. (how common >_>)

- - Want to date me? Oh, I'll go and ask my husband/wife!
{only funny if you're young though}


- Whimsical: To be honest, clashes could always happen. I mean, things like mars hitting earth, earth drowning in the galaxy and such aren't impossible. If you actually meant your confession, all these things are possible right? Wait. There are several light years between us, so you can't be serious we'll meet up right? If you continue to wait, you'll realise that the universe is eternal and that it represents your waiting and my attitude.

- Pretend to be the opposite gender: Wha? You like me? Want to go out with me? Are you kidding me? I'm {oppositegender}! It's been so long and although you've never asked me, I can't believe you got my gender wrong! You're so nice to me, thinking that I'm {realgender} when I was {oppositegender} all along. Geez, what a great mistake to make.

- Hypocrite: I've never met someone as good as you who loves me. I really appreciate it and I hope that I can have you for life. Such a simple love for you will grow richer throughout our lives but life in impermanent and unpredictable. If only I stayed as your sister/brother, then maybe we a little longer!

- Animals: My cat was sick today and didn't eat lunch. At night, I have to stay by its side and talk to it. Oh, and my dog was angry last night, because I didn't give it a hug. Tonight, I have to comfort the dog and feed the cat. Having said that, yesterday, I accidentally trampled an ant to death too. I don't have any time to go out with you, because I have to pray for the ant and send it safely to heaven.
{Feel free to change the day, time and genders of the animals}

- Person who loves history: {due this excuse to be largely based off Chinese literature which is too difficult to explain in one or two words, just make up rubbish based on Shakespeare and stuff like that.}

- A secret: I have a secret to tell you, though you and I know about it from long ago. I know you best and I know that your decisions are often correct. As you've confessed today, I guess I no longer have to keep the secret that in fact, you are one big idiot. I should make that public next time.
{...not funny...}

- Nonsense: I'm actually an alien and I used to live on Mars. In a few days, I'll be going back because you see, the residents of Mars needs me. It was great learning about people on Earth and if you give me your cellphone number, I'll text back on Mars. But, does your phone range recognise the whole universe?
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PostSubject: Re: RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?   

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RUBBISH 02: Excuses perfect for rejecting someone!?

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