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 Release: Ultraman Tiga 06 + Announcement

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PostSubject: Release: Ultraman Tiga 06 + Announcement   Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:37 pm

Long time no see CKM Scans,

To the readers who follow the manga that I keep track and scanlate for this group, I want to first start things off by saying: SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT FOR SO LONG! depressed again! 

I had planned on releasing more Ultraman Manga Chapters, but our normal translator HankOfficer was out of the states for most of the summer. However in light of this, I have attain a new translator for the Ultraman Manga series! She's a capable translator and is only assigned for Ultraman. She'll be working on Chapter 18 and 19 soon enough in due time this month! So just wait a little longer! cheers 

Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla will be held off until the remainder of its scan pages have been cleaned and translated. stress 

In the mean time, I'll be releasing the rest of the Ultraman Tiga series to hold you readers over until either Ultraman or Godzilla are ready. And when that series has been completely released, I'll be pushing out another series that some interesting fans have been requesting me to pick up for months now! God I'm going to be drained lol. Beyond that! I want to take note that my summer is unfortunately ending soon, the 18th of this month to be exact.

So back to college I go...For another, long, soul sucking year .afraid 

College will be a strong factor when scanlating, and should I need help I will kindly ask for it whenever I need a hand. Well, that's all for now! However, I end this with a warm gift, Ultraman Tiga 06! Stay Gold Everyone.

Ultraman Tiga 06!


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Release: Ultraman Tiga 06 + Announcement

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