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 RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)   Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:05 pm

Long time no see/release!

I think most of you know what happened to me by now. Well anyway, I'm back (?)

Unfortunately I haven't gotten permission from Feng Nong. Oh well, I hope I get day. Sigh 

And here I am, thinking that it's about time to get some releases.

First onto Gu Fang, the novel that almost everyone who visits this site comes on for ( Rolling Eyes )...

The thread for chapter 16 is here:

You'll find the download link & online pdf link. Of course the alternate version is to read from the spoiler tags, which is better as it's more likely to get updated.

I feel really bad for not releasing anything for the last couple of days. Don't kill me. Please.

Mainly plotting, short chapter...I'll get ya guys the next chapter in a couple of days (decided to speed things up a bit in the holidays). I'm supposed to be studying for my end of year exams (if you're thinking "heh, that's a weird time", it's 'cause I live in the southern hemisphere). I don't want to fail (but I'll be delighted to have a high(ish) grade).

Oh yeah, went off topic again, but there's translation notes for this chapter! I couldn't really find the appropriate English terms (maybe because there isn't any...?)

Ok, moving on.

I searched up a couple of chinese light novels in the last couple of days (yes, they have to be "light") and I stumbled across Island: End of Nightmare. It's really popular in Taiwan, but surprisingly when you google it in English, nothing particular comes up. It's kind of surprising though, because I'd say this series is more popular than Gu Fang, but there was a lot more stuff on the internet about it, in English, before I started translated it. There's nothing for Island except for this.

And yes, it's has been adapted into a manhua. There's currently two volumes of it. I haven't gotten a copy for myself yet, but it seems pretty good! ^_^

The character bios may change; I don't know if they're completely right, because I'm not that far into the story yet...but I did my best (for now).

I think the story's quite humourous, but either I have a terrible way of interpreting it or just have trouble writing it down. Different authors have a different way of writing (you should know what stuff I've translated by now) and so I just...translate differently. Oh well, you'll see. I hope my awkward-sense-of-translating-humour made you guys laugh! Laughing 

Once again, it is action-fantasy-shounen(ish). There's romance further in the story and it's supposedly a typical (?) indifferent-guy-who-saves-the-world story so I don't get why it's so popular, but it is. I think it's kind of similar to Right x Light actually - my kind of novel.

In case you want to see the cover(s), here's an image...
The novels were illustrated by the same person who did the manhua. I've never actually seen this manhuajia ("mangaka") / novel illustrator before, but she seems pretty popular as well (?).

And just for the sake of it, I'll link you to some of the illustrations... (^_^)
here ya go!

I think that's it. It's on "trial" meaning it may or may not be continued (I don't think I will though, 'cause there's lots of other stuff to translate). For the synopsis/other details, you can check the Read this First thread.

I err...crunched the "character bios" with chapter 01 of this series together. You can read it here:

No pdf links because it's not an official project and at the moment, only Gu Fang has pdf links. Might put up some when I get time or decide to continue it (hmmm...)

Have a good day people! I hope I entertained you today!
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PostSubject: Re: RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)   Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:41 pm

Thank you so very much bounce 
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PostSubject: Re: RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)   Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:57 am

This is one of my favorite light novel, and I have read a ton over the years(I also like right x light, but only have the first vol). I don't see much chance of it being translated but highly appreciate your efforts.
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PostSubject: Re: RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)   

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RELEASE: Gu Fang (novel) + Island (a new novel)

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