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 RUBBISH 05: Before you edit or resize my scanlations!!

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 05: Before you edit or resize my scanlations!!   Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:42 pm

Just noticed that some people don't know this but...

This is mainly targeted at re-translators, so if you see this, READ IT!!

Convert my images to grayscale before you edit them!!!!!!!!!! Particularly if it's a .png

Everyone knows that when cleaning, raws are meant to be converted to grayscale first -- that's the basics of the basics and the first step of the basics.

I save my images as .png, but not in the usual "save-as" option but "save for internet devices" because it saves a lot more space than what you'd get for a quality-10 or quality-12 .jpg. It saves even more space than a regular "save-as" .png.

The downside to my saving method is that if you immediately try to typeset over the image, you'll die!!! I mean, you'll get a red-pink background (not permanent but you'll see what I mean) and the typed text won't come out very nicely at all...!!

The other downside is that if you resize the images, whether up or down, you'll get funny, distorted lines. To prevent this, you must convert it to grayscale (or else!)

And don't forget, I did this for the quality of what I used to edit, because it was rather like putting the maximum quality in the minimum file space (I care A LOT about that!)

So, if you don't want to die,

So, if you want to continue to edit my scanlations into another language, CONVERT THE IMAGES TO GRAYSCALE FIRST!!!

Yup, phew, I was worried about that all last night for some reason. Sleepless nights xD

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RUBBISH 05: Before you edit or resize my scanlations!!

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