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 Food Fight Rules (updated 12/24/15) & Sides

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PostSubject: Food Fight Rules (updated 12/24/15) & Sides   Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:38 pm

Guests may reply to topics, but cannot open topics. This post is unlocked, but one of the most important rules is that no food fight can occur in this thread!!

Open topics by logging in or making a new account then logging in. If you'd like to reset your password or change your username please email me at:

Just join in the food fight! (A forum roleplay-like thing)

That's it, now fight!!!

Just saying, but if you don't you might get squashed by the food around here if you stay much longer....

How to join in:
*Click any one of the food fight threads. (Usually the most recent one/active is the one at the top) or you can make your own...)
*Reply to thread, including which side you want to join. If you haven't decided, start by attacking anyone or everyone.
*Have fun! You can decide to change or join any side any time you want. (Join mine! -- a bit of my usual shameless advertising here....)

Other details
*If you're lucky, you may get promoted to a VIP (blue coloured username) over some time. Most of the blue VIPs do come from food fights xD
*Generally suggested that you join an existing side especially if you're a new player, however, if you have a bit of influence over an admin, then you can coerce them to create a side for you.
*The food fight continues in chatbox. Just input your username (don't need email) and then fight away!!
*You have permission to bully xah and/or other people in the other sides, but attacking your fellow members (unless betraying them for another side) is strictly forbidden.

If you would like to buy these, please leave a message here or PM xah. These are not steal-able or refundable. You can get cookie points from just having an account or quickly get them from posting... Unfortunately, unless it says "(limited)", then anyone can buy it...unlimited. When your purchase is approved, then the userbar goes on your profile and you can use it. If you try to use these items and don't have ownership of them, unfortunately you will temporarily not be able to fight until you pay the penalty of 888,888 cookie points...!!

- 180,000
- xah

Update 12/08/16
Update 03/04/15
Update 08/01/14

There are currently three sides (or more?) to this battle.

Anyone with xah (me) will receive this userbar under their "achievements" heading of their profile.

RavieSeeker (inactive)
idlerhapsody (inactive)
JappyChi (inactive)

Anyone against xah (me) will receive this userbar under their "achievements" heading of their profile.

The Useless Translator (inactive)

The strange (newest) faction that does nothing but makes a fool of themselves! How...bizarre!

aoikun (inactive)

People who haven't joined any side yet.

KawaiiPanda10 (inactive)

Current Rewards







If you are valid for any of these, leave a message here or PM me; I don't really remember a lot...  Sigh
Finally, this thread is NOT FOR FIGHTING!! Go fight in the forum!!
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Food Fight Rules (updated 12/24/15) & Sides

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