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 Ehh....don't really have anywhere to put this

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PostSubject: Ehh....don't really have anywhere to put this   Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:39 pm

I've been clearing out my bookmarks (have over a thousand random pages I don't need anymore and I've only been using this laptop for about a year = =) and I found this..

It's basically a 2-chapter manhua by the same artist of Gu Fang (so Xi Xi Guo). Back then, I found it by *chance* but didn't bother scanlating it because getting raws of it seemed hard. You can kinda tell it's her art despite it being an earlier work.

The description is something like:
Why is it that you don't like the person you liked anymore when you were sixteen, when you hit twenty, thirty years old? Even if we part, I still can't stop clutching to the small hope that you will still come back. When love becomes a "demon", is it better to remove or forget about it?

Seems like tragedy-ish (?) and might be BL because there's not much difference between her male and female leads sometimes. = ="

It also seems rather incomplete to me (I did not read it, just looked at two or three images, but the site claims it's complete)

Yup, I don't have anywhere to put this, don't need in my bookmarks.
*disappears again into the puff of smoke*
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Ehh....don't really have anywhere to put this

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