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 RUBBISH 15: Fonts I Use

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 15: Fonts I Use   Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:10 am

I've had such a headache from translating about this really, really annoying girl. = = So, I need a rest...

Everyone has their favourite fonts and these are mine when it comes to typesetting...these are mine...

(some of these are scanlation-related, while others are not)

Normal dialogue: Anime Ace
I used Wild Words too, once. But for some reason, I totally fell out of love with that font and gagged every time I saw it. It's gotten better and I don't hate Wild Words as much as I did, but I'd never use it. My favourite font for normal dialogue is definitely Zud Juice though...I love that font! I can't ever seem to find a good chance to use it though, because I reckon that font suits darker/scary moments better. Anime Ace is generic but it's alright.

Text outside boxes: augie
Everyone uses this one, but for some time, I liked using Angelina or Hand of Sean. Angelina was a bit thin though, Hand of Sean was alright but I fell out of love with that one. My feelings towards augie are very neutral though, might swap to Cinnamon Cake one day.

Narration/boxes: Brianne's hand
I just love this font. I like how it's so bold. I haven't seen many other people use it before though. I used to use a variety of fonts for this...I would use Mankinoid if I didn't use Brianne's hand. I liked to use Felt too and although I still like that font, I prefer to use it elsewhere. Sometimes I just use Anime Ace italicised here, but Brianne's hand is definitely a fave.

Impacted text: Badaboom BB
I like this font a lot too...this font is great for like, very big realisations, too big for italicised bold anime ace.

Cutesy font: Cheri
I like chinacat too, and Heartbreaker but for some reason, I often choose the normal "Cheri".

Favourite sfx font: Big Fish Ensemble
Yep, a lot of people use this one too. I like this one a lot too, the only problem is that the font size is rather small. = = TrashHand is great though...

Other sfx: BlamBlam BB (bold)
This font is like perfect for the sfx that appears in bubbles...I've only just started using this font though.

Seralisation font: Giddyup Std
Haha, I don't get to use this font much at all, put I love to use this font when I have to typeset messages like, "published in XX magazine, XX year XX issue". XD

Horror font: Something Strange
I have a few, Crime Times Six, Feast of Flesh BB, Scream in Pain and various ones I don't remember. Most of them are rather boring and Scream in Pain is so weird...the capital letters are a lot bigger than the other letters. Face Your Fears is my second most favourite one...but something strange, although it's quite normal, it reminds me of dripping blood when it's coloured red haha. Sadly, I don't get to use these fonts often (we don't do much horror manga do we?)

Typewriter's fonts: HammerKeys
HammerKeys is so...weird lol. There's like two sets whenever you write something - capital letters at the top, small letters at the bottom. I like Rough_Typewriter as well...haha...I love typewriter fonts.

Weirdest fonts: Helsinki Metronome (probably)
I don't even know how this font works...some of what you types in becomes letters, while others become musical notes and symbols. It's so very weird. Could be TastySundae, as all of the letters like sundaes xD. Could also be Visitor TT1 BRK, which only works at size 10px (a small font) and looks best with a 1px stroke. This is the font used for userbars btw.

Font with the weirdest name: I hate Comic Sans
Nah, it's not that weird, but I find it funny every time. The font itself is basically the distorted version of Comic Sans and man, it's not that much better. Btw, I'm no fan of Comic Sans.

Prettiest font: Little Daisy
This font is one long daisy chain and I think it's pretty even if you can see the daisies too clearly...

Favourite normal font: Footlight MT Light (most computers have this right?)
Then, Times New Roman followed by Arial Narrow. Anyway, I use Footlight MT Light for almost every school project...

Favourite font at the moment: PassingNotes
I like the shape of the rounded letters for some I have actually been using this font for a while now. I've had a few under this category...loved Hand of Sean and Brianne's hand for ages. There's Architect's Daughter too...

Wants to use: Mighty Zeo Caps
I actually do have this font, but I've never found a chance to use it (in fact, I've never used it).

...Have I missed out on anything? I think I might edit this post with pictures of the fonts later.  Shrug, nevermind Tired from translating.  Sleep 
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RUBBISH 15: Fonts I Use

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