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 RUBBISH 20: My latest u17 endeavor

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 20: My latest u17 endeavor   Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:49 pm

Ok, I know I'm meant to be translating at the moment, but I'm really not in the mood for it right now.

U17 is a site of manhua/chinese webcomics. Some of the stuff are published by various Chinese companies - such as "Yanshi" - while series like "Bloodline" have been uploaded by fans~

I found a few pretty interesting things that I'd like to share~

1. Sweet Candy -
This is a collection of short stories and still ongoing. The art's not the best but it passes my minimum toleration. There's currently only two ones out and one chapter of the third but I think they're pretty cute despite being super cliched - the third one isn't off to the best start though. I wanted to quote this though, "When you feel like smiling, go ahead and smile, because it'll bring you luck."

There's no kissing scene or anything, but all of them are really sweet, particularly the second story.

2. The Ravens at the End of the World -
Ehm, there's probably a better translation for the title, but let's just leave at that for now.

This one was seriously weird, I read the prologue, then chapter one. Looks like the guy I thought was the protagonist got killed at the end of chapter 01 by the main character (?) in the think the main character's evil!? Anyway, this is a very new series - 2014 - written by the same author as School Shock.

3. U17...anime!? Order Designer -
Um, the title's more like undead code, but that's the official English title apparently. Check out the url pasted above - the site's pretty cool isn't it? You can obviously tell that this anime isn't like, made by Japanese, mainly by art, but once you get over it, it's actually pretty cool.

Every episode is only five minutes long and it's a bit scary/totally random. There's currently only four eps out. The plot's pretty cliched (monster game designed by MC turns into reality) Anyway here's the link to episode 1.

4. Not sure, but I think there's going to be a anime adaptation of the manhua, School Shock.

Lol, this piece of news is like a random combination of news 2-3 xD. Well, School Shock is a really popular manhua in U17 so I think it's one of the first to get an anime-like adaptation thing.

Ok, you probably won't see me around for a while.
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RUBBISH 20: My latest u17 endeavor

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