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 RUBBISH 23: Strange Dragon (shoujo manga)

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 23: Strange Dragon (shoujo manga)   Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:25 pm

Was planning to pick this up and got about fifteen pages into it, but decided to drop it.

There's quite a bit of demand for this series, but I'm not going to go ahead with it anymore.

Why? Main'll find out very soon, next week.

Well, another reason is that it's simply a bit boring and going to be slow work for me, so I'm not going to do it. I did want to pick this project up because it was 3 chapters (completed) at that time, but then this work got popular so the author (and magazine) decided to continue it.

I don't have time to do too many longer works.

Anyway, here's a bit of stuff that might interest you.

Preview to chapter 01:

I did, um, forget to resize page 08 (so it's bigger than the rest) but too lazy to fix it.

For those re-translation or other scanlation groups, this might interest you (lol):

Layer one (background) is the original raw copy. Layer two is raw pre-cleaned and layer 3 is it levelled.

If you're still interested in scanlating this series and want to use my pre-cleans (resolution = 1500px height), send me an email at: ...I'll dish out lots more instructions through email.

I'll apologise beforehand, because I'm not going to upload these for private viewing only. I have no plans to translate it either sorry.

You'll see me again soon. >_>
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RUBBISH 23: Strange Dragon (shoujo manga)

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