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 RUBBISH 17: What I did while on MIA

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 17: What I did while on MIA   Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:37 pm

It's been soooooooo long...!! I've totally forgotten when I started my MIA period.

So last year... (2014), I did quite a lot of stuff. This is basically a brief list of how I "expanded my horizons".

-I took a step back out of scanlation and started reading manga. Now I totally understand why you guys hate waiting for slow releases. (Though I can't quite sympathise since there's usually raw stuff in Chinese or Japanese and if worst comes to worst, I'll just buy it and read it myself.) Anyway, I started scouring manga sites for "completed" manga so I don't have to wait anyway.  Laughing

-The only thing I did unlike normal readers, is that I continued to do my manga/novel research. I now have a fresh list of manga/novels that looks super interesting.

-I worked for a real manhuajia (Chinese equivalent of mangaka) for a chapter, because I ran out of patience (sorry Paku). But that was really an awesome experience, because you got to see image files (.psd) without any text and you could delete the sfx layers if you wanted to.

-I read a little yaoi too. flower No comment otherwise.

-Went to a few countries in Europe on a school concert band tour. I think I've mentioned this before, but we went to quite a few countries, such as Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and sorta went to Italy. I'd like to say it was a trip of a lifetime but it would've been way better if I didn't have to go with so many young teenagers (in the concert band).  Shrug, nevermind

We saw this really creepy mannequin too. I didn't dare take it picture 'cause it was just that scary! And, I did sorta read a horror manga about dolls before I left, so that really creeped me out...

-Visited my city's prison...well sorta. We drove in to the parking lot, but the huge concrete building really seemed to loom in the afternoon sun. There were a lot of security cars driving in and out, and their drivers seem to be eyeing everyone warily.  Surprised It was so scary!! In the end, we left...

My city isn't really big and there aren't many massive crimes, at least no kidnappers or murderers. There's probably only a few drug dealers there.

-I got promoted to captain of senior orchestra (full) and chamber orchestra.

-Because of my leadership roles, I got three cups at the end of the year - contribution to chamber music, contribution to concert band (this was a new cup last year!!), and senior musician of the year. That was so awesome and unexpected!  Shy

-The chamber and senior orchestra conductor is leaving :(, due to lack of funding for the music department at my school. The head of music is going to take over them...

-I googled up a lot of weird stuff, such as the ten dimensions and a lot about exoplanets and....aliens!!

-I started listening to a lot of smooth jazz. For a while, I listened to hardcore rock too. Any recommendations?

-I failed an interview for a science forum (in real life, so like a science camp), which was pretty shocking since I've never really applied for anything and didn't expect to fail in my first attempt.  Sigh

-Despite my failure, I still went ahead and applied for the student exec (which is like the student council). I failed, which was pretty disappointing too.  Laughing

-My grades dropped a little, which was pretty sad. Shrug, nevermind Who cares though, it's just high school.

-...but then I got placed in the top 10% of a national chemistry competition, beating the smartest person (in all 3 sciences) in my year at school. There's a follow-up competition for the top 25% I think.

-My sister went to France at the end of August on scholarship for three whole months! She's like my best friend.... That was really depressing...I had to walk home by myself, eat a lot of leftovers because my parents only knew how to make food for two... (they eat other stuff as they're vegetarian/on diet.)

-Come to think of it, have I ever said that we moved house? Unfortunately, I did and in the process, lost a lot of my manga and some of my novels. It sucks 'cause some of them were limited edition or out-of-print now. Oh well, this place is closer to the city, which makes shipping a tiny bit quicker.

-I started using facebook wayy more than before and finally revealed my account to my closest friends. Since I still use a screen name on facebook, most people I know in real life don't know that it's me and don't send requests. Anyway, I now have 20+ friends!! xD

-I started playing candy crush and the soda saga. I'm still at pretty low levels, so don't laugh.  depressed again!

-I used my phone way more too. But then it crashed and so I can't be bothered using it anymore.  Shrug, nevermind

-I started playing one of R2games' MMOs. Their prices are ridiculous! But at least their games are fun.

-I went to a few Chinese restaurants in the city and ate their (disgusting) food. No wonder they're so empty! I really wonder how they continue to run after so many years....Anyway, it's totally not mouth-watering like how I'd expect Mao's food the be!

-What else? I guess I'm a bit grouchier than before. Sigh Hopefully I won't annoy you guys too much.

This year, 2015, is going to be my final year of high school! I reckon it's a pretty good year to graduate in. Let's see if I can finish all of the manga/novels I translate this year, so I won't have any regrets left at graduation!

I'll be back~

EDIT: Lemme enjoy the rest of ma summa hols tho!! (Just kidding, feel free to laugh at my terrible spelling)
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RUBBISH 17: What I did while on MIA

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