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PostSubject: We're Back In Action Again! ULTRAMAN MANGA LOCALIZED   Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:50 pm

It has been an incredibly long time since the team and I have been in Scanlation-action. Much longer than we would like to admit, to readers, we apologize for our long absence. Especially readers of the Godzilla and ULTRAMAN Mangas. But we're officially back this time around!

VIZ Localizing ULTRAMAN MANGA In English to the USA and France:

HUGE Announcement, several hours ago today, ULTRAMAN Manga will be officially localized outside of Japan, the distribution and translations being done through VIZ!

This is a HUGE win for all readers following this series, VOLUME 1 will be released August 18th this Summer. And with a little passion and support, hopefully an anime can be made into a reality. Anywho! While this is a win, this leaves us at a crossroads.

We WANT to continue scanlation work on ULTRAMAN, believe us, we truly do. But with VIZ handling ULTRAMAN this Summer, than we find scanlating this manga to have become a bit more risky. We stopped our works mid-way of Volume 3, we could pick it up again, but the possibility of drawing the wrong unwanted attention to CKMSCANS would be an outcome that we wish to avoid.

On the other hand, VIZ will only be scanlating Volumes of ULTRAMAN. There are presently five out. And with HEROS being a monthly magazine, waiting for the next ULTRAMAN volume can be extremely long. Leaving us equal opportunity to handle future chapters before the next volume release.

So should we continue translating ULTRAMAN, handling future chapters before the next volume? Or should we scanlate the translated volumes by VIZ? Or should we let ULTRAMAN go entirely? It's a pickle, and everything is up in the air. An answer will be determined by the end of this week!

What hasn't changed is that we're still scanlating Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla! So expect some signs of radioactivity to occur soon enough!


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PostSubject: Re: We're Back In Action Again! ULTRAMAN MANGA LOCALIZED   Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:09 pm

Gotta say .... congrats!! This is like the first time any series of CKM has been licensed (well, Shiryoku Kensa did but it was dropped before it got licensed) so even xah doesn't really know what to do.

Anyway, I told her and she says it's ok if you want to continue scanlating it, but we might have to make it much more privatised, so it's harder to get uploaded onto other websites. Or maybe a text translation alongside raw maybe.

Anyway, welcome back!!
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