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 RUBBISH 18: No, my account is not hacked.

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 18: No, my account is not hacked.   Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:48 pm

I changed it to this weird looking name that may appear as boxes if you don't have the Japanese font installed: ザーくん

It reads as "zaa-kun" (kinda anyway, more long a sound than double a)

This is pretty much the way I pronounce it. And this site ( kinda agrees with me. I added the "ー" to lengthen the character a bit more and...tada! It's this!!

The suffix "くん" is obviously due to the fact that often 3-letter names are not accepted as a username for many sites (e.g Issu), hence I tend to add a -kun to my name. I don't really like the -chan suffix for my name, doesn't really work.

...but I guess I'll turn it one seems to like it. Mad  Sigh


P.S: If you ever what to change your name, feel free to ask me!! I shall use my godly admin powers to bestow you the gift of a name change!
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RUBBISH 18: No, my account is not hacked.

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