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 RUBBISH 19: How xah picks up a TL project

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 19: How xah picks up a TL project   Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:18 am

I'm a bit bored, so I'll just post the updated guidelines for projects that get considered for translating - the old post (RUBBISH 12) only works with CKM.

Points system:

Just feels like translating something new when *notices* a certain series. +1
Doesn't feel like translating anything at the moment. -10
Popular-looking series -5
Good, but unpopular series. +20
(For some reason, there are always these...annoying people...who say "oh translation error here" or something like that. If they're such a smartass, why not say it in my face? Why not actually volunteer to translate themselves (FYI, no one has ever really volunteered to translate anything and everything I want for me before)!? I never understand why people would bother to look at raws alongside the translation. If you can read the raw, then don't look at the bloody translation! If it's to learn the language, then that's fine. If you just want to boost your almighty self-esteem, then stuff you. That's why I aim to look for good stories, but will remain unpopular for some reason or other. I certainly wasn't expecting Gu Fang (manhua / novel) to be soooo popular, that was an utter failure on my part. But what's done is done. Any manga that's popular enough to seek out nitpickers goes straight into the incinerator. The end.)

Good art...preferably okay-ish/really good looking guy. (haha) +5
Likes the concept of the manga. +5
Too cliche. -1

Demographics & Type
Seinen. -3, +5 or +10 (depends on art!)
Josei (...). -3
"Shounen for girls". +10
Manhua. +3
Manga. +(1-10) random
Manhwa. Impossible, don't even bother. (-9999 if you must)

Previous Experience
Scanlated/translated something similar before. +5
Seen/Read something similar before. +10
Scanlated/translated something from same author before. +5
Seen/Read something from same author before. +3
Something that I can relate too (e.g novel, anime). +6

Lots of text. -2
Lots of pages per chapter. -2
20-45 pages per chapter. +3
Oneshots, under 50 pages. +3
Oneshots, 10-35 pages. +5

Raw Source
Free raws. +5
Has raws myself. +5
Cheap raws. (<650) +3
Raws: 700-750¥. -1
Raws: 750-850¥. -5
Raws: >850¥ -20
Continuous raw supply. +7

Genres & Other Themes
Comedy. +10
Romance. +5
Horror. +1
Action. +3
Mystery. +3
Historical. -4
Mecha. -7 (I dunno, I just don't like this genre much)
Something shocking. +6
Something weird. +2
Yuri/GL. -1
Yaoi/BL. +1
Difficult concepts. -3
Food. +2
Otaku character. +2
Older female, younger male romantic relationships. -1
Other older female, younger male relationships. 0
Love-Hate relationship (+ comedy). +5

Previous Scanlations:
On the wishlist of some other scanlation group. -3
Last release, 350+ days ago. +5
Last release, 200-349 days ago. +2
Last release, under 200 days ago. -5

Publication Status
Pre 2001. -1
Not too old, published 2002-2009. +1
Not too old, published 2010+. +3
Status in country - complete. +4
Status in country - ongoing at 5+ vols. -2
Lots of volumes (over 10). -3
Status in country - ongoing at 1-10 chaps/1-2 vols. +1
Short series, preferably 3-5 chapters. +5
In a magazine with series I tend to dislike (eg: Ribon). -5

19 and below: Impossible, usually won't consider.
20-29: Maybe, maybe not. 5-10% acceptance.
30-35: Will check it out. 30% acceptance.
36+: Around 70% acceptance.

[I'll add more later]
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RUBBISH 19: How xah picks up a TL project

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