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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang (novel) Vol03 Ch55-75 (end)
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Although you're allowed to post/reply to each chapter's forum thread (like other novels), this thread is the official comment thread. It will be used mainly for reviews and/or questions and other discussions.

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As usual, my comments are in the hide tags, so you can only see it if you ever reply to this post. They are quite entertaining (is what I like to think) and they're quite a different perspective. I'm open to discussing about events here (though if it's just a one-off event, it might be better replying to that chapter...).

Quote :
A rant about Bai Pingting.

The other characters

Plot and Other Comments

Translation Comments (pretty technical stuff)

Finally, I've re-attempted asking the author for permission to translate. I tried contacting the publisher before and was ignored about a year or two ago, but it seems that the author had gotten weibo sometime between then. So now she's reachable online. While there's a chance of success, there is a very high chance of failure. In the case that the author despises the thought of translations, I will have to pack up everything and disappear. You can't blame me however, nor can you do anything to keep the stuff uploaded, because it has always been in the copyright notices of the pdfs. Though maybe I'll just pretend to hate the author and translate the work anyway.

By the way, it seems indeed that there will be a drama after all.  hell yes!! ?  Cold ?  Shrug, nevermind ?  Speechless !!! Well, since I've translated it all, and I plan to do the doujins, I might as well do the drama when it comes out.  Shrug, nevermind I have no experience with subbing or anything, and I'd probably be stealing off the plate of drama subbers, but whatever! I know the story best (I think anyway). Well, I'll do it, as long as it doesn't backfire on me.

That's it! Longest review I've ever written! Shrug, nevermind (Gosh, I'm shrugging too much!!)

Now that I'm done with my review, what did everyone else think of it? I sell plenty of tissues and tables for people to flip over at a very cheap price of your soul! Cool  Kidding, but feel free to take them if you need it! Shrug, nevermind
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PostSubject: I waited so long for an update on this novel !   OFFICIAL COMMENT THREAD EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 3:11 am

I actually thought it literally ended in volume 1
Never knowing if Chu Biejie actually found out about what really happened to his nephews.
Oh and btw, I don't hate nor get annoyed with Pingting.
I actually like her strong will. Beside, if she was some meek little girl who cries and wait for Biejie to love her, then I would've hated her :P
The male love her because of her intellect and her backbone. I like her exactly because of that.
And yes it may get frustrating at times where those two should make up already. You have to think, the story would then end and there wouldn't be 5 volumes :P
Beside, how can you like how Biejie was treating her before she used her intellect to burst his bubble of thinking that he can treat her however he likes. Women need backbones to survive that type of torment ! And I feel proud of her for testing his resolve. If he continue to ignore her and she dies, then he completely deserve to feel miserable. As for the waiting on him on his birthday. You have to think, she would've got taken away nevertheless. She was just hoping he does come back like he promised then she wouldn't be miserable and unloved before she gets taken away.

In all this. I don't see a fault in Pingting, what could she had done differently? Told him about the baby so he doesn't leave? Then she sounds clingy.
She already left everything behind, her friends, her home and the one person who took her in when she was young for Biejie in volume 1. What has all the others done?

Oh and yeh, Chinese are full of puns and play of words. I think that's what makes historical novels/shows hard to translate, e.g in chinese historical shows that haves poems and play of words tend to be left blank in the english sub cause it only makes sense in chinese but in english its like huh? that doesn't rhyme.... and then their titles are tend to be strange, call them uncle but technically they ain't related... its like wha ? XD
I love watching Chinese drama about scholars but I feel sad that I can't understand most of the play of words they use :(
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