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PostSubject: "WHERE IS GU FANG BU ZI SHANG!?" / STATUS   "WHERE IS GU FANG BU ZI SHANG!?" / STATUS EmptySat Jan 02, 2016 11:34 am

The key question:
When are ya gonna update?? (tl;dr)
Manhua ('manga') - Probably never. Excuses below.
Novel - Never. Translation's done.
Doujinshi - Sporadic releases; ongoing translation. Depends on the course of life.
Drama - Not even out yet. Why ask for a translation now?

Manhua: Hiatus in China (chapter 12), but fully translated
Currently looks like...
a) A long, long, long hiatus.
b) A permanent hiatus.
c) A permanently axed ending.
d) A rushed ending.
e) A dropped ending.

This means that the manhuajia (writer/author of the manhua) hasn't written anything for years!! It's not anyone's fault okay!? Don't even criticise the manhuajia herself (unless YOU can draw a manga-style graphic novel with a hefty plot that may need 75+ chapters - in which case, it's quite normal to feel pressured and stop at 12 chapters)

There hasn't been any official statements from the manhuajia (doesn't seem to have a website), but from a fan's point of view, we can judge that: the reasons for the hiatus may be one or more of the following:

  • Manhuajia is a novel illustrator. How does this differ from drawing manhua? Well, you generally pay less attention to paneling and there are less pages to be drawn in novel illustrations. They are also usually coloured.
  • Manhuajia is a BL (yaoi/shounen-ai) illustrator. She has stated before that she has trouble drawing girls and since there are quite a lot of them, it will take time.
  • Manhuajia is not primarily a manhuajia. This is pretty similar to the first two points, but if your main income isn't through drawing manhua, you get less motivation to do it.
  • The length. Sometimes a single volume of a novel can take around 30 chapters of manga/manhua (I'm thinking Kaidan Tochuu no Big Noise). Sometimes, it's even shorter. This is because manhuajia/mangaka have to consider the pacing, amount of detail and how close to the original text they want their work to be. For Gu Fang, I'd say the pacing is quite slow, so knowing that it's going to take - forever - of course people procastinate or feel like giving up in real life.
  • The content. I don't know how to explain this, but I feel like some bits would be quite hard to draw (for example, differentiating the "maid" characters, Zuiju, Hongqian, Luyi and the "generals", Ze Yin, Ruohan, Sen Rong or the huuuuge troops.
  • Other. Maybe she got sick or injured or something, and just couldn't do it.
  • "Just because." The universal excuse for anything and everything.

Don't even try asking!!

Novel: Completed in China, fully translation too
Fend for yourself after that.

Back up:

Doujinshi: Completed/ongoing in China, rare but ongoing translations
They aren't hentai/BL/GL shipping kinds, but more like actual side stories. You could say the only similarity to doujinshi is they're unofficially written by amateur authors based on an original, official work.

I am translating this, but it's not going to be released under CKM Scans, but another mini-group called the Gu Fang Hub (which is mine too). We, as in CKM Scans, are closed.

More info:
Read them here:

Drama: Yet to air in China, so translation yet to be started
Said to air on mid 2017, but since this group has disbanded once before, you should be wary that it may not actually happen. But let's hope for now. You can find sporadic updates on facebook or here:

Other Questions
Pretty much all covered by:

No, I am not a nice person. Mad Anyone gets mad when asked the same question over and over again.
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