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 FUN EVENT: Secret Santa

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FUN EVENT: Secret Santa Empty
PostSubject: FUN EVENT: Secret Santa   FUN EVENT: Secret Santa EmptyMon Dec 12, 2016 8:26 pm

Secret Santa is a Christmas event where people give gifts anonymously to one designated person and get one anonymously (usually from someone else) in return.

We at the CKM Scans chatbox sort of came up with this event and are now tackling a modified version. In our version, you'll have to send your gift to your person by email. Sure, you may not know them very well, but maybe it's the start of a new e-pal exchange? You never know!

All gifts will be digital, no exceptions. You shouldn't be spending any money on this either, so put that credit card back into your wallet!! ;D

You will also get a wishlist from your person and will upload your own. So adapt as your needs allow!! (But let's not be unreasonable, because I can't moderate them...)

So, sign up here!!
--You only have 4~ish days, so if you're interested, we'd love to have you with us!

Signup: 15~16 December 2016
Email sent: 16th December 2016
Wishlist Deadline: 20th December 2016 (or else, it's 100% up to your Secret Santa to choose, so no complaints then! Details on how to send this will be given later...)
Gift Deadline: 25th December 2016
Max Gift Deadline: 1st Jan 2017 ('cuz time is tight ;D)

***If you wish to drop out at any time, you must email me (xah) ASAP at, so that we can organise gifts for your person and your Secret Santa.

Hope you're all doing well and not too out of cash due to Christmas shopping,
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FUN EVENT: Secret Santa

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