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 RELEASE: Re-agree Chapter 02

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Re-agree Chapter 02   Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:47 pm

Well, yeah, CKM will be back into releasing mode soon (I think).

Upcoming releases (I think)
Inakami Chapter 2 - First ten pages edited - translation should be nicer.
Root WPB Chapter 6 - Coming along. Soon.
Tokyo Underground - Finally cleaned. =.='
Black Trick Chapter 2 - Yeah, yeah, it's been edited, awaiting QC though.

Other series
Love or Die - No idea......wait..... *prefers not to think about it.
Yan Zhi Cuo - Well, being held up at proofreading stage again.
Yan Lu Guang Tao Pao - Same, proofreading.
Cooking Master Boy - New translator offered services, so I'm not sure...
Valentine Lovers - Wait for meh. :/

Anyway, this Re-agree chapter is quite short - 18 pages to be exact. Since it's so short, I decided to save this in .png format.

And yeah, they did a contract. Though it was a seriously awkward way.
...and this was the result?
...and yeah, that guy is a pervert. Translator didn't translate the sound effects, and I'm too lazy to add them. Oh well, it's not like anyone appreciates reading sfx notes (I think). *Twitch* I think that guy is one of those guys who always saves the girl. :p

Well, I've read the next chapter and I know how...interesting...Alice becomes, but otherwise, I hope you enjoy this release!

Download - MF | Read Online - CKM

See you!!
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RELEASE: Re-agree Chapter 02

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