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 RELEASE: Inakami Chapter 02

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Inakami Chapter 02   Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:52 pm

Honestly, I'm mad enough to kill someone today.

I swear I failed that exam. I spent too much time scanlating.
I never failed any exam, not even English. So I'm gonna study.

I don't think I'm gonna release as much over the next few weeks - instead, I'll just prepare a mass release.

I don't know what the mass release would be like...I think I'll finish the some (shorter) series, and release (two?) volumes of the longer series. As for the novels, I have no idea how much we can get done. Gah >.< I like scanlating, but it's really hard to prioritise time too. I keep on doing the wants (scanlating) and miss out on the needs (study + school + sleep).

This release is Inakami Chapter 02, and I'm officially temporarily stopping releasing mode. Might do a few chapters here and there, but you probably won't see any major updates until October - near my birthday (and maybe Ravie's?).

Nearly died on this page of redrawing, but I felt like doing this as an apology. Typed the "School Life (etc.)", heart, "Chapter 2" and "shioko"
The translation was well, confusing, so I ended up reading the raws for honorfics and other unseemly things. *squints*
And yeah, there might be mistakes too (?) because when I was typesetting it, there were a few... *cough*
Gah, I feel sick.

Chapter 02
Mediafire - Download | Read Online - CKM

We did re-release chapter 01 some time ago, with some of the grammatical mistakes fixed, but I'm not's all right...

Inakami Forum has also been fixed.

Well, that's all. I think.
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RELEASE: Inakami Chapter 02

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