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 RELEASE: Black Trick

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Black Trick   Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:09 pm

My *planned* schedule is totally messed up now.

I definitely still plan to release on the 4th and the 27th of October -- my original plan but... :/

Tomorrow, if I'm right, it should be China's Independence Day (1st October).

I don't usually celebrate that sort of thing, but "CKM" stands for "Chinatown KM" and we scanlate manhua. As a courtesy, I should be doing this no? At least for the name.

So I had to do a bunch of stuff and release today as well. Thankfully, only one chapter of one series. :p But I wasn't actually planning to release today, or tomorrow either.

Today's the Mid Autumn Festival, the best time when the moon is round and you get to eat mooncake and visit parks to see lanterns and dancing lions!! I love it, but it's not really popular in my country.

Today's release is Black Trick Ch02:

I have no clue what should I release tomorrow. Maybe CMB? Pretty messed up, lol.

And now, I'll spoil you a bit about the two small-mass-release projects:

Tokyo Underground 45 - And we're dropping this (lacking quality raws).
Yan Zhi Cuo - Want to finish this.
Kiss Shite Esper Girl - Yeah, wrap this one up as well.
Ultraman - Yay, new project! (In other words, more work)
Akatsuki no Ageha - Another new project (but this one seems cool!!)
World End Fairytale - Maybe scanlate the full story? Leave the two extra stories...
Cooking Master Boy - A couple of chapters...maybe...
Love or Die 03 - And we're dropping this too (lack of interest).
Valentine Lovers 03 - This one too (lack of interest)
Root WPB - 1 chapter will be released (sorry).
Black Trick - I dunno, want to catch up, so maybe five chapters?
Re-agree - Yeah, 2 chapters.
Yan Lu Guang Tao Pao - Wrap this one up too.

I might release a bit from the novels too.

I'm dropping:
Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu (lacking quality raws - abused for not)
Afternoon Lavendar (lacking raws)

Otherwise, I think we need Japanese translators. This is a strange request but... I think I'm off manhua for a while. I've learned a bit of Japanese so I do help out with Japanese translations but >.< I ain't good enough.

See ya,
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RELEASE: Black Trick

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