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 RUBBISH 01: Wow, found another magazine!

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 01: Wow, found another magazine!   Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:07 am

I always take it as my goal to find all the manhua/chinese comic magazines and yay! I found another one!

This one is 龙漫少年星期天 "Dragon Manga Shounen Sunday" (though that translated name slightly Japanified, oh well)

A few of its titles are actually from Japan (Detective Conan, Inuyasha...), well others are actually (mainland) Chinese...

They publish both manhua/manga & novels, though more of manhua, I think.

Among them, is Infinity Game (novel). I'm sure some of you have seen/read/glanced-over the manhua? Yeah, here's the cover scan...

Hmm, and I'm kinda interested in this series, which I think is ongoing at six volumes ----

It seems to have started way back in 2007 and have been in and out ever since. The magazine itself seems to be quite cheap - 8 yuan for the most recent issue? If what I've understood is correct, that translates to $1.68 NZD or $1.30 USD. Hm, I think the issues might be small or something; I might order one in. The art actually looks quite good for manhua (and it's in black & white for once!). O_O

Oh yeah, the site:

That's it for now, bye!
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RUBBISH 01: Wow, found another magazine!

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