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 RUBBISH 06: Yanshi...

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 06: Yanshi...   Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:28 pm

I've had this in my "Upcoming Projects" for a while...technically I wasn't actually planning to ever have it as a real project, but then Shoujo Crusade offered it as a joint and yeah, I'm not very good with collabs with other groups but as they can put up with that, that's good for me! Smile 

A lot of people have asked about re-translation for this project, but...I haven't been keeping track-ish. I still have a good idea though.

It's gonna be similar to the collab with Mystic Iris, where us = translation + proofreading, Shoujo Crusade = raws + editing + qc. It's an all right deal, but I still hate translating.

But on that note, Yanshi is surprisingly easy to translate.
But the chapters are really long.

I might have to correct "Yanshi" to "Yan Shi" because apparently it's the name of the MC (main character) and "Yan" works as a surname here. Didn't realise that.

It's a historical manhua, no romance as there aren't any real female leads as far as I'm concerned, it's definitely not BL though so don't kill me. It might be bromance/shounen-ai so don't kill me either.

Just a quick spoiler, but it's mainly about...
It's surprisingly good though...!!

I also got the strangest request to translate another historical manga recently, which is lol, very cute. It's currently seralising in Lala (they've been getting lots of new series recently) and I pretty much like it...I might put up a translation some time later next week, but not now.

Oh well, hope to see you later next week.
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RUBBISH 06: Yanshi...

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