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 TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01

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TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01 Empty
PostSubject: TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01   TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01 EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 8:56 pm

TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01 0110
[The first set of translations to be released! So many good expressions in these chapters!!]

Hey everyone,

There's gonna be a lot of "translation releases" like this in the future. Well probably not, since I am going to move all my translations to another sole-translations site/blog hopefully in the near future.

I'll do this for all the manga I still like, so expect to see more of this in the future.

Cooking Master Boy

I'm thinking that there'll be people willing to work for CMB in this group (CKM) so for now this group still has the rights to use this translation (at least for vol05 since there are people who've cleaned it -- thanks!!). I'm still releasing them to public though, just in case I ever disappear again (for an even longer period of time sigh), so any groups wanting to pick this up can have a list of translations they can work from before they need to recruit their own translations. Something like that.

They'll be most posted in this page: here (list of translations)

But to access quickly, I'll just post the links here as well:
Vol05 Ch31v2:
Vol05 Ch32:
Vol05 Ch33:

I revamped the honorifics system starting vol05. There's a comment from me at the bottom of Ch31...

Though P.S: I swear that I'll definitely finish translating CMB one day. Along with Detective Conan, Cooking Master Boy was like, the other "anime of my childhood" xD. Though come to think of it, the CMB anime had way too much drama.

Ch34 is gonna be interesting! It's gonna be a little ghostly though!

Amaama to Inazuma

This is a seinen, food manga which was in one of the magazines of "good! Afternoon" I accidentally subscribed to. Seeing how it sorta fits in with Cooking Master Boy, I decided to chuck a quick translation release in here. It hasn't been translation-checked or proofread so don't expect much quality.

It's a pretty cool slice-of-life manga...I mean, the first chapter was kinda funny...


Well, it's only a chapter and somehow I doubt I'll do anymore, so consider it a preview until a scanlation group picks it up! Any other food manga (either dropped or not even scanlated) that you want previewed? Feel free to PM me.

My summer holidays are nearly over........!!! Sad Sad Meaning that my last year of high school is about to start too!! (mixed feelings xD)
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TL RELEASE: CMB Vol05 Ch31(v2), 32-33 + ATI Ch01

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