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 RELEASE: Black Trick Ch01

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Black Trick Ch01   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:48 pm

Main News's finally here!!

This series...well...we have a lot of translations to catch up on (yes, our translator for this series is very, very fast!)

I'm pretty sure that there aren't many manga/manhua like this. Particularly because the main character is a retired, old man. To be honest, this isn't the type of manga/manhua I would usually read, but oh well... it's not too bad at all! A lot of *money* though. With some of that money, I could buy anything I wanted.......... =^= Not fair!

Chapter 01 of Black Trick:
Read Online:

I'm not sure why, but it seems like that you have to register and log in to see links or something. So if the links above do not'll probably have to log in. I don't know why. :( :(

Minor News
From the novel translation part of our group:
Quote :

"We're planning to focus on Feng Nong (author of Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) and Ming Xiao Xi (author of Afternoon Lavendar). They will be our main authors. We'll also be aiming to translate some of those novels from Fexia Publishing's Gong Zhu Zhi and Uei Shiang's GO. These two magazines are a mixture of both manhua and light novels. Most of their works have been adapted to manhuas.

There are also some various other light novels that we might start translating - such as Anna's Secret - which have not been adapted to manhua. :/ We'll see.

That's it! Hope to see you around~
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RELEASE: Black Trick Ch01

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