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 RELEASE: Black Trick

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PostSubject: RELEASE: Black Trick   Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:26 pm

This is my best clean ever of Black Trick.

The problem with Black Trick is that it's difficult to save as .PNG (while, you can just use the "save as" option, but otherwise the image is huge) >_<

So you use the "save for web & devices" thing...

But the real reason why Black Trick is so hard to save as .PNG is the horrible gradients, forcing me to make sixty or eighty grays. The image becomes huge... so that's why I did some experimenting.

Well, I could save the grayscale images as .JPG, but is there any better way?

So I've been doing some experiments - some of the failures were in the previous chapters.

These are the results:
36 pages forced into 6 MB. All images (apart from coloured images) are saved as .PNG.
Gradients aren't ruined.
Most images are under 200 KB each.
The recruit page (last page) is probably the biggest image (in terms of KB) out of all of them. [In other words, I couldn't compress this one nicely.)

Oh well, I guess I'm not supposed to be the overall judge.

Ch07 will be out soon, now that I've got the raws to the next couple of chapters.

Need cleaners!

Oh hang on a minute, forgot download link:
Black Trick Ch06:

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RELEASE: Black Trick

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