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 RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10

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RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10 Empty
PostSubject: RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10   RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10 EmptyMon Dec 02, 2013 11:20 pm

RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10 0410
[so...what's the real story behind Jared's disappearance??]

Yup, basically this is a release of Black Trick, chapter 10.
And this is the last chapter we're doing, if you see any updates in the future, it'll be over at BAP Scans~~if they're still interested in picking this series up that is.

Why am I dropping it? Basically, I'm dropping it with eight other series and it's nothing to do with the lack of ability, lack of resources reason. I think you already know this, but due to the new law I once talked about, I'm not going to be editing as much manga (and manhua o.O) as I do now. I've pulled out of all the other groups I used to freelance for, so I don't think there's much I need to do now.

The projects I'm dropping will be revealed as I release them, or translations of them. But let's not delve onto that for now.

Yahh, I'm going off topic again.

I'll pull the release out before babbling off again...

Black Trick Ch10 Download:

Oh yeah, although there's no translation note for it, but Australia and NZ are very car-countries (I'm saying this from experience); like barely anyone relies on train or bus as their main transport (there's no subway + the train is slow and buses are usually empty except for young children and the elderly); but then again, I don't know what's it like outside these two countries. In China though (I'm saying this from experience too), most people don't own cars, they go on buses or motobikes or bikes or walk (haha)...Oh and in this chapter, it says most "students" drive their own car to school; how true, a lot of the year 13 students at my school (that's year 12 in age for most of you; we start a year earlier) drive their own car to school. Still, I guess it depends on your financial situation. If you haven't ignored this message, I guess it's too late, I just strayed off topic again.

Happy reading nonetheless!!

EDIT: Hmm...strange, when did Mediafire start adflying??

Linebreak and...don't read this

Summer hols are coming up (don't forget I live in the southern hemisphere), so we (always) have a warm/boiling Christmas! I came up with a very compact schedule of translating to do this holiday, which I'm probably not going to keep, but it promises of releases anyway. I haven't done much scanlating this year *tuts* and there'll probably be less next year.

At least I completed today's goals. Tomorrow's goals are hard Crying or Very sad 

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RELEASE: Black Trick Ch10

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