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 RUBBISH 07: No glasses (A rant, so don't bother reading)

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PostSubject: RUBBISH 07: No glasses (A rant, so don't bother reading)   Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:40 am

I was translating uhh...novels let's say, on the grass and when I got up, I felt a sickening crunch under my feet. When I looked at what was under my feet, I see my glasses.

The damage isn't too bad, but I'm at school moment and it's not really in wearable condition; not to mention I have to stay until five thirty for concert band practice.

There's basically a small chip in one of the lenses and the string that hands the lenses up is broken. Pretty fixable, but then again, I have three other pairs with the same degree.

Yeah, I'm pretty much short sighted; relying on my touch-typing for this message which isn't very good, so I might have one or two mistakes here and there.

There's a high possibility that I'd be grounded though. So you might not see me for t he next few days.

I can't believe my glasses broke though!! I'm glad I don't have an exam today...otherwise I'd be doomed. I feel kind of doomed already, to be honest.

Yep, I'm gonna go now. See ya~~~
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RUBBISH 07: No glasses (A rant, so don't bother reading)

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